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“Babylon” is the “isms” and “schisms” not only within the system but within ourselves. Let's organize, unify and step out of Babylon.



Sue Supriano’s Steppin’ Out of Babylon is a radio interview series covering a broad range of important issues in today’s world: peace and war, human and civil rights, communication, the media, the environment, food security, racism, globalization, immigration and matters of the spirit. Over 250 shows are available at this site!



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Leuren Moret is an independent scientist. She worked for 5 years for the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and 2 years for the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab. She blew the whistle about those laboratories, was harassed for that whistle-blowing, but has not stopped learning about, speaking up and educating others to speak up against the horrible effects of radiation on the health of humans and other animals. In this interview you will hear about the effects of radiation on all of us and especially on the targets of US weapons and the members of the US military itself. -- Jan. 04
Download: LeurenMoret.mp3 - 9.5Mb 48kbps (TRT 27:41)

Nora Casteneda is an economist committed to grassroots women, was appointed by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to head the Women's Development Bank when he agreed to women's demand for a bank as a way of funding reforms to benefit the poorest families and communities. Of African and indigenous descent and the daughter of a low-income single mother, Ms. Castaneda is a remarkable woman in a remarkable time. She says "Micro credit is an excuse to empower women. We believe that the economy must be at the service of human beings, not human beings at the service of the economy. We want to create an economy based on cooperation and mutual support, a caring economy. We are not building a bank. We are building a different way of life....We women won our rights in the constitution. We won Article 88, which recognizes that housewives create added value and must be compensated with social security". -- Jan. 04
Download: NoraCastenada.mp3 - 10.3Mb 48kbps (TRT 29:55)

James Latham is co-founder and manager of Radio for Peace International, a listener sponsored progressive short wave radio station which has been located in Costa Rica on the grounds of the U.N. mandated University for Peace since it's beginning 16 years ago. In November, 2003 RFPI was forced off the air by the Univ. for Peace. Latham tells the story of the locked fence, barbed wire, armed guards and the shut down of the station and his interpretation of the changes in the University for Peace that caused this to happen. -- Dec. 03
Download: latham.mp3 - 9.3Mb 48kbps (TRT 27:02)

John Farrell
works with Voices in the Wilderness which is based in Chicago and formed to help Iraqi people during the 90"s blockade. He recently went to Iraq and talks about what he saw and experienced there. -- Dec. 03
Download: farrell.mp3 - 9.9Mb 48kbps (TRT 28:52)

Devinder Sharma is from India where he has worked as a journalist and in many other capacities. He works with the Forum for Biotechnology and Food Security and talks especially about the dangers of genetically modified food and its effects. -- Nov. 03
Download: sharma.mp3 - 9.7Mb 48kbps (TRT 28:22)

Will Bullock started 7 years ago, at age 15, to work with the The Food Project in Boston. The Food Project brings together thousand of youth & adults to grow organic vegetable to cook, donate and sell at urban farmers markets. Its youth workers and volunteers farm on 21 acres of land in both rural Lincoln & urban Boston where they have transformed vacant lots into cityfarms. They also have a catering service in Boston, using their organic foods. In this same show you will also hear about Nutiva Hemp food Products and the many uses of the wonderful plant. -- Oct. 03
Download: bullock.mp3 - 9.1Mb 48kbps (TRT 26:41)

Reverend Billy of The Church of Stop Shopping, also known as Bill Talen, goes into stores and malls with theater to raise shopper's consciousness about consumerism especially when it expresses itself in chains like Starbucks. He explains why he does the work he does to discourage people from shopping at chain stores stocked with goods from sweat shops and why he thinks building local community is the best antidote to the ills of our materialistic and exploitive world. On the web: -- Oct. 03
Download: revbilly.mp3 - 8.9Mb 48kbps (TRT 26:02)

Don Paul - Jim Hoffman talk about the 16-page booklet entitled '9/11' Great Crimes/A Greater Cover-Up. It is an open letter of sympathy and information to families and friends of the victims of events on Sept. 11, 2001 from concerned researchers, broadcasters and citizens. It is a concise compilation of the main questions about the official story of what happened on 9/11 and evidences of other explanations. For example, were US military planes ordered not to intercept the hijacked planes, how it be that a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon when the hole is so small, no plane debris was found, etc.. How could such huge buildings fall into their footprints? What about building 7 that was never even hit? How could steel have melted from the heat of fires which never exceed 680 degrees F when it takes a temperature of more than 1000 degrees F to melt steel?
Jim Hoffman is an engineer, physicist and graphic artist who has researched and presented on these matters. His website is Don Paul is the author of 9/11- Facing Our Fascist State..... -- Nov. 03, 2003
Download: paulhoffman.mp3 - 9.7Mb 48kbps (TRT 28:16)

Norman Binally works with the Citizen's Coal Council, a national organization committed to educating people about the negative aspects for us all of coal mining and burning. The organization is based in Washington, DC, though it works to organize all over the US, especially around mining in Indian land. The website is

Cal Sazewa is head of the American Indian Institute at Arizona State University. He also works with the Zuni-Salt Lake Coalition, a very broad coalition of folks and organizations which has recently had success in stopping mining in Arizona.
Website- -- Oct. 03
Download: binallysazewa.mp3 - 9Mb 48kbps (TRT 26:22)

Robert Pollen is an economics Prof at Univ. of Massachusets in Amherst, Massachusets where he has co-founded and directs the Political Economy Research Institute. He is the author of several books including "Living Wage". In this interview he talks about his latest book, "The Contours of Dissent- US Economic Fractures in the Landscape of Global Austerity". -- Oct. 03
Download: pollen.mp3 - 9.9Mb 48kbps (TRT 28:47)

Maude Barlow is President of the Council of Canadians, an author and leader/activist in the antiglobalism movement. She speaks about the state of water in the world, the control of water through its privatization by a few corporations and the growing dire consequences. -- Oct. 03
Download: barlow.mp3 - 9.4Mb 48kbps (TRT 27:22)

Percy Schmeiser, a Canadian farmer and seed saver of many years, was sued by the Monsanto Corporation (producer of the poisonous "Round Up") for growing GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) seeds patented by Monsanto. The seeds had blown into the ditch by his field. He is fighting this huge corp. which has the potential to control all the food in the world if not stopped. -- Oct. 03
Download: schmeiser.mp3 - 9.9Mb 48kbps (TRT 29:01)

Cynthia McKinney is a former Congresswoman from Georgia who was pushed out of Congress by the right after serving for 10 years. She is very progressive and outspoken about matters of race (she's African American), class, militarism, the official story of 9/11, etc. She worked hard for the good of all the people she represented and speaks about her experience and what she sees happening next. -- Oct. 03
Download: mckinney.mp3 - 9.4Mb 48kbps (TRT 27:28)

Julian Darley is the co-founder of the Post Carbon Institute in Vancouver, Canada. He is committed to educating people about the effects of oil and natural gas having peaked and their sources being depleted. This will have huge effects, particularly in where we are accustomed to having energy from oil and gas available to us . He also discusses what we might do when we won't have these energy sources which we time is coming sooner than we think.
Download: darley.mp3 - 9.9Mb 48kbps (TRT 28:54)

Demba Dembele is the founder and Director of Forum for African Alternatives based in in Senegal where Dembele lives. He also works with the "50 Years is Enough" Campaign and Africa Action which are in both Africa and the US. He talks about finance, trade, the importance of debt forgiveness for the quality of life of African people and sustainable local alternatives to filling their needs.
Download: DembaDembele.mp3 - 9.9Mb 48kbps (TRT 28:53)

Margo Adair is the author of Working Inside Out - Tools for Change, a book that is distinguished from other meditation and self-help books, in that it uses these skills and approaches to social change as well as personal change. Adair is a long time activist and has led many anti-racist workshops as well as Tools for Change workshops. This is a very useful approach.
Download: MargoAdair.mp3 - 9.4MB 48kbps (TRT 27:27)

Starhawk is a witch in the Pagan tradition, a nonviolent activist for peace and justice, a permaculture gardener and teacher and an author of many books, including The Spiral Dance, The Fifth Sacred Thing and most recently, Webs of Power- Notes from the Global Uprising. She talks about her experiences in Cancun, Mexico where recent demonstrations closed down the World Trade Organization meeting among other things.
Download: Starhawk.mp3 - 9.6Mb 48kbps (TRT 28:00)

Ann Fagan Ginger - The United Nations & Our Civil Rights - Attorney, Founder and Director of the Meikeljohn Civil Liberties Institute in Berkeley, CA continues to work tirelessly to inform people of their rights and the declarations of the UN which we must stand up for. - 29 min., August 03

Stephen Funk - Marine War Resistor - aggressively recruited by the Marines. He says "If I can be recruited, anybody can." He found he was told lies about what to expect & didn't want to "kill". - 27 min., August 03

Selma James - Women's Strike - Put the military budget into "caring work" - Selma James lives in England where she's been organizing Women's Strike and is now organizing internationally both women and men. Her latest book is The Milk of Human Kindness - Defending Breast Feeding from the Global Market & the AIDS Industry - 28 min., July 03

Peter Dale Scott - "Drugs, Oil & War - The US in Afghanistan, Colombia and Indochina" - Dr. Scott is Professor Emeritus of the English Dept., UC Berkeley. He's also a poet - latest poem Coming to Jakarta. Also author of The War Conspiracy, Deep Politics & the Death of JFK, Cocaine Politics & The Iran-Contra Connection - 29 min., July 03

Prof. Richard Heinberg - "The Party's Over - Oil, War & the End of Industrial Societies" - Heinberg is a journalist, educator, lecturer & musician. He puts out an award winning newsletter - <> and teaches at New College of Ca. in Santa Rosa. He speaks here about the "end of oil", the consequences for society and what we can do. - 29 min., July 03

Mike Ruppert, "From the Wilderness Publications" <> - Ruppert brings us up to date on the turning of the CIA, FBI and corporations on Bush, his probable impeachment, 9/11, and missing US Government. money - 29 min., July 03

Ecuadorian Indigenous delegation in California to ask CEO of Chevron/Texaco to stop poisoning of their people and environment - 27 min., June 03

Palestinian & Israeli women professors speak in solidarity - Palestinian, Rhabab Abduladhi, Prof. at NY Univ. of Sociology, Palestinian, & Israeli, Simona Shironi of Evergreen College, Wa., USA, Palestinian, Rhabab Abduladhi, Prof. at NY Univ. of Sociology, Palestinian, & Israeli, Simona Shironi of Evergreen College, Wa. - 29 min., June 03

Father Bill O'Donnell - Activist Priest speaks of his experience - Father Bill has been arrested way over 100 times & recently spent 6 months in jail for arrest at School of the Americas (name is now different) where torturers are trained for South Americas (name has been changed) where he was active in shutting down the school. - 28 min., June 03

Jeff Gates - Rescuing Main St. from Wall St.- A Populist Vision... - Gates, author of this book, is a "recovering" attorney, has worked in DC for the US Government. in various capacities, worked with the Green Party, and is now working for a more just society & more equitable distribution of wealth. - 28 min., June 03

Sharif Abdullah of Commonway - Creating a World that Works for Everyone - Abdullah, originally from New Jersey, has been bringing diverse people to work together for years - most recently he's been in Sri Lanka with the Sarvodya Movement. He speaks a lot about "inclusivity". - 28 min., June 03

Prof. Angana Chatterji - Women, Globalization, India, Dialogues for Peace - Chatterji is from India where she continues to work with women at the grassroots level who are facing problems, brought on often by negative aspects of globalization. She teaches at California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA. - 26 min., June 03

Lorenzo Haggerty - The "Psychedelic Tribe", the internet & saving -the world Haggerty has been in the military, a hot air balloon pilot, a business man and now is an activist and believer in the strength & power of the internet. Interviewed at the "Mind States" conference where he spoke. - 28 min., June 03

Kathy Kelly about Iraq - Kelly is a founder of Voices from the Wilderness, a grassroots group which has been taking medicines to Iraq since the first Gulf War and through the blockade. She speaks of how it was to be in Iraq during the recent bombing and other info re Iraq. - 30 min., June 03

"Deception Dollar" designer Machan designed these fliers that strongly resemble US dollars though they say 9-11, "In Fraud We Trust", "The US of Aggression", etc.. They are covered with websites for info re unanswered questions re the events of 9-11. - 20 min., April 03

Connecting the Dots on 9/11 - Barrie Zwicker, Canadian TV Host and media Critic. - 29 min., April 03

Africa & the US - Conditions & Connections - Interview with Prexy Nesbit, long time African American African activist. - 29 min., April 03

Mike Ruppert on 9/11 - Evidence for US Government foreknowledge and complicity. - 28 min., April 03

Part 1 of "Unanswered Questions of 9/11" Panel & some discussion at Herbst Theater in San Francisco, Ca. - Panel: Barrie Zwicker, Canadian TV Host and Media Critic, Mike Ruppert, "From the Wilderness Publications", Peter Dale Scott, Prof. Emeritus, UC Berkeley, author of just released, "Drugs, Oil & War", Riva Enteen, Program Director of SF National Lawyer's Guild. - 75 min., April 03

Part 2 of "Unanswered Questions of 9/11" Discussion with Panel and Audience at Herbst Theater in San Francisco, Ca. - Panel: Barrie Zwicker, Canadian TV Host and Media Critic, Mike Ruppert, "From the Wilderness Publications", Peter Dale Scott, Prof. Emeritus, UC Berkeley, author of just released, "Drugs, Oil & War", Riva Enteen, Program Director of SF National Lawyer's Guild, Stephen Marshall, Guerrilla News Network. - 47 min., April 03

An Iraqi Christian Woman talks from her personal experience of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, the Kurds and the U.S. - 30 min., April 03

Romi Kanani, an Iraqi woman from Baghdad, living in the US, shares her experience & impressions of Saddam Hussein and her country. - 28 min., March 03

John Brady Keisling, U.S. Foreign Service Officer resigns due to war on Iraq - 30 min., March 03

San Francisco Peace Demo, March 22, 03 - Includes interviews re US military and drug trading, Sept. 11, Peace Force, sustainability, etc. - 27 min., March 03

The People's Health Movement - Dr. Thelma Narayan, from India, on this movement, it's issues, and scope. - 30 min., March 03

Veterans for Peace - Interview with Paul Cox, co-founder. - 30 min., March 03

Stephen Zunes - "Tinderbox - U.S. Middle East Policy and the Roots of Terrorism" - Zunes is associate Professor of Politics and Chair of the Peace and Justice Studies Program at the University of San Francisco. Talks about the book, dangers of invading Iraq for U.S. security, and role of Israel. - 29 min., Feb 03

Don Paul - 9/11 - Facing Our Fascist State: a study of the infamous day's crimes and how and why the US ruling elite have committed other atrocities that have so benefited them for more than a century and how and why we can still win a livable future for our children. - 28 min., Feb 03

Daniel Ellsberg - "Secrets - A Memoir of Vietnam & the Pentagon Papers" - Ellsberg talks about his recent book and focuses a lot about his reasons for being very alarmed about the U.S. plans to attack Iraq. He also speaks about the loss of civil rights in the USA. - 28 min., Feb 03

Joan Sekler Co-Producer, "Unprecedented" - video documentary about the fixing of the elections in the 2000 Presidential Election - 28 min., Nov 02

The War on Freedom - How and Why America was Attacked, Sept. 11, 2001
Interview with Publisher, John Leonard - 30 min., Oct 02

John Judge on Kennedy and MLK Assassinations, Present Surveillance, 9/11, etc. and relevance to now - 28 min., Oct 02

John Judge on 9/11 & Future Wars - 29 min., Oct 02

The Patriot Act, the US Constitution & Civil Liberties, Riva Enteen of the San Francisco National Lawyers Guild - 27 min., Aug 02

Civil Rights & the Police State - Interview with Judge Claudia Morcom - 28 min., Aug 02

Attorney targeted by the Patriot Act - Interview with Lynne Stewart - 29 min., July 02

What's Happening to Our Money & What Can We Do?
Interview with Catherine Austin Fitts - 27 min., July 02

Michael C. Ruppert - 9/11 and the coming economic crash - 28 min., July 02

Walden Bello - Globalization, sustainability, war and the Philippines, Globalization, war, sustainability & the Philippines - 28 min., June 02

The Enemy of Nature - The End of Capitalism or the End of the World? Interview with Joel Kovel - 29 min., June 02

Corporations as Individual Persons????, Fighting corporate personhood & corporate power - 26 min., June 02

Resisting The Prison Industrial Complex "Critical Resistance" - 28 min., June 02

Illegality in the U.S. Presidential Elections "The Best Democracy $ can Buy"
Interview with Greg Palast - 28 min., Mar 02

21st Century McCarthyism & the Rise of the Global Police State, Angela Davis speech at UC Berkeley - 28 min., Feb 02

More from 21st Century McCarthyism & the Rise of the Global Police State, Diane Clemens and Jennifer Terry, Profs. at UC Berkeley - 29 min., Feb 02

Oil, Drugs & Afghanistan - Interview with Peter Dale Scott - 29 min., Jan 02

Weapons in Space - Interview with attorney Daniel Sheehan - 29 min., Dec 01

Propaganda, Media & War - John Stauber, Director of Center for Media & Democracy - 28 min., Nov 01



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