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Table of Contents

Mary Wood

The Environment as a Public Trust: Climate Change & Planetary Solutions for Survival

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TRT: 27:16
Date: 2009-07-13

Mary Wood is a Professor of Environmental Law at the University of Oregon School of Law. She is a fourth generation Oregonian and the mother of three young children. Out of major concern about climate change Wood points out, along with the climate scientists, that our carbon pollution will produce a “transformed planet” and it is a threat to humanity and to civilization as we know it. If we pass the “tipping point” we cannot hope to survive. It is not clear right now whether or not we have passed that point so we must act like we haven’t and do all we can to lessen it’s impact. Wood challenges every parent to look their children in the eyes and know that our actions NOW will affect our children and everafter-- i.e., if we keep doing what we’re doing now the world won’t be fit to live in by 2050. Jim Hansen and other climate scientists say that we are very very close to the “tipping point”. The seas can’t absorb any more carbon. They are releasing carbon now as well as is the melting permafrost in Alaska. The seas are so acid the shellfish can no longer survive, there are “dead zones” in the ocean stretching tens of thousands of miles, every single big commercial fishery in the world is at the point of collapse. Carbon dioxide and methane are the two main contributors to climate change and we can certainly control those by moving away totally from fossil fuels, stopping the burning of coal and only use wind and solar to create the energy we need for survival.

The environmental laws don’t regulate carbon even though it is the most lethal pollution that has faced the planet. This is because the agencies are politicized. Industries that make high profits off carbon pollution got their advocates in office under the Bush Administration who then ran the show by distorting the information about climate so as to not create and enforce regulations.

Wood wants to re-frame the issue and say that the environment is a legal trust that the government and people hold for future generations. She proposes that the air, the atmosphere, the forests, the wetlands and the wildlife are protected natural assets, held in perpetuity and should be managed by the government so they can support the children in this country and in the world.

True sustainability is totally “do-able”. The way Native people have managed their environment in a sustainable way, is the only way to lessen this impact of climate change!

Our legislators are negligent and uninformed and acting very irresponsibly—consciously or not. We need to inform ourselves and actively pressure the agencies to be well informed and act in the interests of all of us. There is no sign the agencies will change without massive public pressure. Wood is urging people to join with others all over the world who are already volunteering to be “climate victory speakers” and educate people about these facts and what we still have a chance to do. We have to write, write, write and call, call, call our representatives!!!!

For more info: Google “Mary Wood” to get her website and click on “speeches” for footnotes with facts and references. Then go to “victory speeches” on her site—a “planetary emergency” for info..

Recorded June, 2009


Table of Contents

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